6 Ways to minimise subjectivity in judging

6 Ways to minimise subjectivity in judging

Your judges bring expertise and knowledge to the table, adding precious value to your program’s reputation and outcomes. But when it comes to judging entries, subjectivity can be a risk – your judges are human, and from time to time are subject to bias and conflicts of interest.

July 2020

New features  You can now archive Score sets, in addition to entries and entire seasons.  A new settings menu is now available, with:  Settings grouped by function Improved visual design for easier and faster navigation, with customisable colour styling The main left...

June 2020

New features  The entry form has a new flag selector and geolocation for the phone field, which prefills the matching country code for entrants. #timesaver Auto-tagging is now available for program managers, allowing you to set up rules on what entries you want tagged...