On average, Award Force clients achieve a 29.78% increase in submitted entries, season-on-season.

How do we calculate this? We’re glad you asked! We have defined growth as the average season-on-season entry rate for all our active accounts, as a percentage.

We collected historical data across our accounts to find the number of seasons created and the number of entries collected per season. We used the following figures:

  • Total number of seasons per account
  • Total number of submitted entries per season, per account

We then cleaned these findings, weeding out test seasons, trial accounts and any seasons currently open and accepting submissions. Then, we identified any outliers by implementing a z-score, or bell curve, which provided a standardised value that tells us how far something is from the average value.

Bell curve

For the purposes of our growth data, we are using the z-score as applied to submitted entry season-on-season change rates.

We followed the general rule in statistics of excluding any data point which has a z-score of less than -2 or greater than 2.   

Then, we reached our results––an average increase of 29.78%, season-on-season for submitted entry volume, per account. 

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