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Yes, it’s rather meta— as makers of awards management software, we’re proud to have been recognised in some prestigious awards ourselves.

Good Design Winner

The coveted Good Design Awards are Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for design and innovation with its origins dating back to 1958. The Awards showcase superior examples of good design across a broad range of industries and design disciplines.

Award Force was awarded a Good Design® Winner in the 2015 awards. The Judges commented: “Award Force is a perfect example of what good design practice can bring to a product in this space. The designers clearly understand their end-customer and have delivered a high quality end-to-end experience that is a joy to use.”

To qualify for the Good Design® Winner, entries must satisfy the stringent criteria for good design that includes factors such as safety, quality, functionality, sustainability and innovation. The Good Design Awards conducts one of the most rigorous assessment processes in the world and to qualify for this round is a significant achievement. Dr. Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia who manages the annual Awards program said, “We pride ourselves in upholding very high standards in our evaluation process and as a result, only the best submissions make it through to this stage.”

Asia App Design Awards

The fast moving mobile sector created the app market. Just as rapidly the app market has moved beyond mobile devices and now encompasses mobile, web, console, cars, well the list goes on….

“The Mobile & App Design Awards celebrate and recognize the courage of App commissioners and App creators.” Mark Bergin, Founder & CEO design100

The Mobile & App Design Awards are part of a global Grand Slam Series where Apps from UK, USA, Asia and Australia compete.

Award Force was awarded a Silver Winner in the 2015 App Design Awards Asia, in the Business Operations category. 

US App Design Awards

The App Design Awards were conceived by design100 to recognise local innovation in design and to grow design demand, so that society can leverage the most effective, proven and understood method to accelerate transformation— design. 

Award Force was awarded Silver in the 2014 US App Design Awards, in the Line of Business category.