10 Reasons why you should ditch online forms for a purpose-built submission management software

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Articles

So maybe you’re building an awards program from scratch. Or, perhaps, you’re managing a submission program and it’s all manual, on paper. Or maybe you’re using an online form builder, but you keep hitting wall after wall of limitations. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should ditch online forms for your submission management program and use Award Force. Here we go:


That’s right. An online form only covers the entry process of your program, overlooking a very important aspect of your program, its reason for existence: the actual outcomes. So, how do you create a seamless process for your judges with online forms? You don’t. Or rather, can’t.

But, just in case you’re not convinced, and your judges are actual saints who love clicking back and forth from your established judging criteria to hundreds of online forms, one at a time, here are 10 more reasons why you should ditch that online form builder.

1. Branding

Online forms offer limited brand personalisation. Some forms will allow you to choose between a few primary/secondary colours and, if you are lucky, allow you to upload a background picture. With Award Force, you have a configurable interface that helps your brand shine and gives your sponsors plenty of visibility. 

 2. Program complexity

If your awards program has multiple categories, criteria or languages to accommodate, using an online form to accept submissions will be a nightmare. Award Force offers sophisticated season, category and fields functionality to configure as you need. We also offer support for multi-language programs featuring more than 20 languages to choose from. 

 3. Program security

With online forms, there is little-to-no protection against unknown rogue users or spambots. Award Force employs sophisticated security techniques to ensure spambots and bad actors are kept at bay while also offering advanced security for your program data. Award Force is GDPR and PCI DSS compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Users can control their privacy and protect their data and you have the ability to apply additional security measures on individual fields or delete user data when requested. 

 4. Archived seasons

Ever need access to past seasons or data? With Award Force, you can access past seasons in no time at all. It’s all in the system. No need to access files and folders stored “somewhere”. 

 5. Autosave for entrants

With an online form, entrants need to complete their submission in one sitting, because there is no ability to save an entry in progress. Using Award Force, your participants can edit their entry as many times as they like, even after they have submitted their entry. People need time to prepare, craft and refine their award-winning submission. 

 6. Attachments

File uploading is problematic and potentially dangerous with online forms. You may be limited by file type, file size and number of files that can be uploaded. Online form builders that allow you to upload files advise that you only allow file uploads from people you trust because unknown users could send malicious software, trojans or viruses— wreaking havoc for your recognition program. Needless to say, online forms with attachment capabilities are exceptionally dangerous. and NOT advisable for recognition programs. Award Force solves all this with unlimited and sophisticated upload handling, automatic virus scanning and impressive display of file uploads for online judging. 

 7. Judging

Back to those judges we were mentioning earlier. Your judges need features that online forms just don’t have. Award Force offers an easy and enjoyable process for judges, with no training required. It’s as simple as logging in and they’ll see which entries need judging and what the judging criteria is – all in the same place. 

 8. Judging management

Your awards program managers will be able to configure your judging process to fit all the specifications and complexities of your program. Award Force offers: 

  • Easy configuration with a step-by-step setup guide 
  • Choice of judging methods, including Qualifying, Top pick, Public voting and VIP judging. You can arrange multiple judging stages together and create a judging solution that is perfect for your program.
  • Options to manage panels of judges and judging assignments 
  • Real-time, automated results 
  • And much more 

 9. Quick communication with your participants

Award Force provides a Broadcast feature right in the platform, so you can choose specific entrants, judges, or participants and send reminder emails or other important program information.

10. Praise from your participants

Ditch that online form and all your participants will thank you. Your entrants will submit faster, with less stress and fewer phone calls or emails to your program managers. Your judges will save time and have all the tools they need to make the right choices. And your program managers will get their life back. 

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