2019 Year in Review

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Articles

Another year has come and gone. But it feels bigger this year, and that’s probably because it’s also the end of the decade, and the ‘20s are upon us!

Over the past year, we’ve grown in big ways as a company, becoming more global than ever. But it was also a year to focus on the small things, the details that make our awards management software – and our team – the best in the industry. 

In the spirit of our Kaizen-centred values to continuously improve, here’s a fun look back at our year.

By the numbers

1.7 million Award Force users

387,414 program entries

4,934 program broadcasts emailed from the platform

Richard de Nys, Award Force10,000 support tickets with an average 23-minute first response time and 96% customer satisfaction score

50 product improvements

48 new software features

And clients in more than 30 countries worldwide

We are a remote company, with:

34 employees in 18 countries (and 11 new employees just this year)

12 employees who took part in the Global Climate Strike

22 Chats with Jedis, an interview where colleagues get to know one another

90 buddy pairings for monthly friendly chats

141 Force Awards to recognise employee excellence

45 Town Hall meetings, including one in Halloween costumes

As we head into 2020, we want to offer countless thanks to all our clients working tirelessly around the globe to recognise excellence.

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