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by | Apr 6, 2021 | Articles

Award Force was recently awarded the “Best Relationship” in awards management software by G2 Crowd for the third time, a distinction given for leading the industry in software support and client relationships.

The third-party reviewer, which features peer-to-peer reviews on software, also recognised Award Force with three other awards in the awards management category for Spring 2021: “Leader”, “Momentum Leader” and “High Performer”.

But, why does Award Force receive such high praise from their clients? And how is it so consistently good? The answer is simple: our clients’ success is our success

“We are a tech team with a heart!” said Award Force Client Success Director Diya Singh. “We understand people need a helping hand every now and then and we want our clients to feel we’re on their side. We go the extra mile to listen, understand and provide carefully thought-out advice.”

Our support team is helpful, friendly, empathetic and caring, and constantly work to be the most approachable and accessible team in the industry with lightning-fast help, every time.

Our average “first-time reply” has remained consistently under 28 minutes across seven years of support! That means you’ll always get help, and get it fast. 

Award Force support

We don’t only provide technical support; we go further than that. Our goal is to help make your program as successful as possible. Here are just some of the ways our “client success” team makes that happen.

We care about our clients 

Award Force is not just software––it’s our passion. We are a team of diverse people across the globe who know what it’s like to work with software every day. We understand frustrations can arise and the importance of mission-critical software, like Award Force, to work well from the outset. But it’s not just our software that receives attention––it’s the quality and speed of our support that we know our clients need to keep their program running optimally.

We want to ensure your program success by providing the best possible support, advice and problem solving as fast as we possibly can, to help our clients achieve their program goals, increase productivity and by being there for them when they need us, every single time.


Award Force customer service extraordinaire

We’re available

Our team works to ensure our client’s awards programs are a success from Day 1 by being there for them when they need us. This is why Award Force support covers all major time zones and is available 24 hours a day (weekdays) to answer any questions our clients might have.

Our goal is to make sure our clients get the most out of their awards platform—at any time, wherever they may be. Learn more about our team.

Award Force brilliant service

We help mitigate risks with a pre-launch check

Our awards software experts on the client success team offer a thorough technical check of our clients’ awards platforms, before they open to the public, to ensure everything is working as expected. 

This pre-launch check includes: 

  • A thorough technical check of the program configuration settings
  • A test of the submission process  (including test payments if clients charge for entries) 
  • Ideas on what to change to provide the best user experience for award entrants 
  • Account theme checks to make sure their program looks good and reflects their brand
  • Any other relevant recommendations, specific to the client awards program

“The pre-launch check is a much-loved service that provides a “safety net” for our clients,” Singh said. “Knowing a product expert has looked through your configuration from start to finish—and suggested improvements learnt from hundreds of programs—is of immense value and allows you to open your program for entries with peace of mind.”


Award Force great tool great support

We make it easy to find solutions

We all have our preferred way of resolving issues, answering questions or finding out more information on a given topic. In support of this, we offer support through a range of channels to help our clients in a way most comfortable to them, including:

  • Our Help Centre, which features a regularly updated library of helpful articles, videos and resources
  • Ticket-based support requests 
  • In-app help content, featuring contextual resources
  • In-app checklists and guides
  • Feature-focused videos readily available on our YouTube channel
  • Monthly newsletters to announce new features, offer useful tips and provide updates on any improvements we have made to the software

“We believe a world-class help centre is core to world-class support,” Singh said. “You should be able to get help with just a keyword search and carry on with your day. We will soon have a dedicated team to work on scenario-based help articles along with quick video tutorials to suit all styles of learning. And, our help content is publicly available! A quick Google search brings up our articles too!” 

Award Force seamless experience

We’re constantly improving

We believe in continuous improvement. Our clients have access to feedback channels to help us improve our service and software––and we listen. 

We’ve implemented a range of improvements and solutions in response to our client feedback, including an overhaul of our entry form builder and automated tags to help clients leverage built-in automations to manage large amounts of entries quickly.

Award Force fantastic customer service

We look forward to helping you

If you’re looking for awards management software backed by experts and a caring hand, we’d love to help. 

Want to try it out for yourself? Watch our demo videos, take a self-guided tour or book a call with one of our friendly team members to learn more

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