Celebrating seven… and the importance of recognition

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Articles

Over the past month, we’ve had a couple of reasons to celebrate – or, at the very least, throw some fun party hat emojis and Carlton dance move memes around our Slack channels. First, we celebrated as Award Force turned seven years old! ?  And then came more great news! We were named the No. 1 awards management software for the second straight quarter by G2 Crowd. ??

In a year dampened by the global pandemic and ensuing economic downturn, we realised just how good it feels to celebrate an achievement and how validating it can be to both reach a significant milestone and be recognised as the world’s best awards management software. 

We’ve always been focused on offering awards managers a better way to manage their programs and we’ve not stopped this year, despite the chaos around us. Just like the rest of the world. No one has stopped striving, trying and reaching for better.

And it served as a reminder of just how important it still is for individuals, communities and organisations to be recognised for their achievements across the globe. And why the awards industry is still so needed in these times.

People, communities and organisations still care about being recognised. Even if they are working from home. Even if their clients can only interact with them remotely. Even if their body of work or achievement can be seen from afar. It still matters. And to this we say, “The show must go on!” The world has changed, sure, but the relevance for recognition and awards has not diminished. 

Recognition is important. It helps communities and society advance. It increases energy and raises the standards of an organisation or industry. And at its fundamental best, it just makes people feel good, empowering them to press onward and upward.

As we celebrate our own business growth and stature in the industry, we also want to recognise all our amazing clients who work tirelessly to recognise achievements across a myriad of sectors and industries. 

You bring joy and relevance to our communities. Every small task you do works toward bringing positivity and advancement to our world. What you do matters – now, more than ever before!

From recognising artists and musicians to architects and employees of the month, your work inspires us all to keep creating, making, building, painting, singing, leading. We all move forward, together, because of the work you do.

As we celebrate seven years of recognition, we raise our virtual glasses – and party hat emojis – to you! 

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