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by | Dec 13, 2017 | Articles

We’re often asked if Award Force has functionality to sell tickets for events. After all, awards often go hand-in-hand with a celebratory gala event. We’ve thought about it in earnest and explicitly chosen not to develop ticket sales features, with very good reason that we would like to share:

  • Award Force is a sophisticated toolkit for awards entry and judging workflow.

  • Selling tickets for a gala event demands an entirely different featureset.

  • There is very little overlap in an event ticketing featureset with an awards entry and judging featureset.

  • There are many great solutions in the market for ticket sales and event management that include features to manage seats, tables, door lists and so on.

  • We could “tack on” ticket sales, but we don’t like doing things by half-measure and felt that unless we built the best ticket sales solution on the market, we would be doing our clients a disservice.

  • For ticket sales and event management, we encourage our clients to seek out best-of-breed event software to ensure best results for their event.

  • Because Award Force is the best-of-breed awards management software, which ensures best results managing awards entry and judging.

If you need event management software, we encourage considering RegFox, or EventBrite.

If you need awards management software, get in contact to find out how our unwavering focus on entry and judging management can help you achieve your goals for your awards.

If you’re looking for events management and awards management in one solution, well, you’ll probably get a CRM and email marketing features in that same solution too. But do you imagine it will do any of those things as well as software that is focused?

Oh, and last thing— regarding that overlap between awards management and your gala event ticket sales, our Award Force product specialists can recommend how to make the most of Award Force to promote your event and ticket sales, whatever tool you use for event management!

You can get the best of both worlds. Just not with an all-in-one tool.

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