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by | Nov 3, 2021 | Articles, Blog

Have you ever had to shop for new software? It can be downright daunting. There are endless considerations, and then, once you finally make a decision, there’s the whole setup and implementation process to contend with.

And getting started with new software is not always easy. It can sometimes mean weeks (if not months 🤯) of setup, training and configuration. And then there’s the learning curve, which can be tricky, especially if you don’t consider yourself a “techie”. 

But, this is not the case at Award Force! And thank goodness. Running an awards program requires a lot of coordination and effort––the last thing you want to worry about are risks, feeling alone or extended implementation times! Award Force implementation badge

Award Force understands this concern, and so much so, we’ve been named as the most implementable awards software in the industry by the independent review site, G2.

So what makes our software so implementable? We’re glad you asked. The answer? It is all about you.

First, we designed our software to be as easy to use as possible, and it’s only getting easier. Why? Because if you don’t succeed, neither will we. 

Second, we acknowledge it’s not just about our software. It’s our way of working too. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you’ll find success with us. We have your best interests at heart and will show you, from the very start, that you and your awards program matter.

From the moment you get in contact with us, you’ll be provided access to a dedicated sales team member whose job it is to determine whether our software is right for your program. We know you have a lot on your plate and we won’t waste your time if our solution won’t work for you. 

You’ll be treated as the human that you are––not as a potential sale. Our team is made up of real humans too, not robots. We’ve shopped for software and know firsthand the power of a poor experience. We don’t want that for you. 

And when you get started with us, you can choose the best support medium that works for you. We offer: 

  • Helpful setup and configuration guides built directly into the platform
  • A robust Help Centre with how-to articles and videos
  • 24/5 support in the time zone you are located (and it’s fast too!)

When you are all done with the initial configuration of your awards, you can take advantage of one of our most popular implementation offerings: Our complimentary pre-launch check.
This is where we go through your awards program setup with a fine tooth comb, ensuring you are ready for entries and set up for success! 

We take great pride in our level of customer support. It’s why our clients continually give us five stars for support. 

The bottom line is this: Award Force cares about your program success and has a vested interest in making sure you find it with us. That’s what makes us the most implementable awards software. You are more than a sale. And we are more than just software. 

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