Award Force support options

Award Force is software and a service and we want to ensure, as a client, you know about and receive the best service we can possibly provide.

We have service options for every situation. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways to get what you need from Award Force.


Search the knowledge base


We have an amazing knowledge base and it is constantly being updated with common queries and issues. Information found on the knowledge base is categorised into “Entry” or “Judging” to help you browse to find the information you need to configure your program.

The easiest way to find what you’re looking for is often by using search.

Help articles are text based but interspersed with video in many cases, to ensure you can reference a familiar interface as you flow through the steps.

Find it here:, or from within your Award Force account, click on your name in the top right of the screen and then click on Get help.


Use the Award Force setup guide

Setup guide.png

Our setup guide is intended as a way to help orient you, and to get your program up and running on Award Force as simply as possible. It has the added benefit of serving as a refresher on where to do what if you get stuck. Especially useful if you haven’t used Award Force in a while, there are handy reminder tools to help you manage your progress with Award Force efficiently and effectively.

Find it in your Award Force account.


Use our in-app help and support

Need a hand tab.gif

Don’t leave Award Force to get help— get it within the app! Our knowledge base is integrated into the Award Force application and it is excellent as a means of getting quick fire help while you work diligently through a task. Read articles and watch videos of our team explaining exactly how a specific section works, right from the app.

What's more, it’s contextual. Open the “Need a hand” tab and get a set of suggested articles which are directly relevant to the page you are viewing. So frighteningly accurate it must be magic.

Did we mention you can also raise a support ticket and check the system status from here too?


Create a support ticket

Submit a ticket.gif

A support ticket is your number-one-sure-fire way to get timely assistance from Award Force. We monitor our support tickets like hawks and we’re not happy if a client has been waiting long for a reply! If you’ve had the chance to interact with our team, you’ll understand why we are so confident in our support-by-ticket approach.

What’s that? Are our client success people superhuman?

Yep. They are Jedi.

Find it here: or raise a ticket from the “Need a hand tab” in your Award Force account


Other ways to get in touch

The best way to reach our 24/5 client success team is via a support message, but if you urgently need assistance, there’s always the phone! You can find our contact details here.

Otherwise, if you just want to say hi, ask a question or get an update on anything in particular, find us on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.