10 Ways Award Force will save you time in 2019

It’s the end of the year, again, and here we are, wondering where all the time went.

While we dreamily glance at the upcoming holidays on the work calendar, we’re also using the time for reflection. Looking back, looking forward— a mindful exercise to help us make improvements and cut down on the clutter in our lives, both in the office and at home.

In the Award Force office (that’s Slack!), we shared a few of our favourite successes, things like:
“Introduced 35+ new features to the Award Force platform”
“Maintained a 5-star rating on 3rd-party review sites”
“Offset our company carbon emissions as part of our sustainability initiative”

And a few intentions for next year, like:
“Plan a company-wide retreat”
“Streamline work processes that eat away time”
“Focus on the most important things; avoid getting bogged down with details”

We think you probably feel the same. You need a way to simplify your work life and manage all the details. And we’re here to help.

Here are 10 ways Award Force will save you time with your award or grant program

1. Manage everything + everyone, all in one place.

Manage entries.png

Judges here, entrants there, submissions everywhere. Align every piece of your awards program puzzle with Award Force. There is one website, accessible from
anywhere, for all program participants — program managers, judges, entrants,
public voters, nominators. Everyone. And one place to manage it all.

2. Spend less time handling support calls + emails.

Say goodbye to “How do I do this?” phone calls + emails. Award Force has been designed to provide your program participants with the best possible experience and that means making entry, nominations and judging an intuitive, fast and pleasant experience. Award Force presents judges + entrants with an easy-to-use, task-oriented interface that makes judging a breeze.

3.   Communicate with applicants or judges in a flash.


We love you MailChimp… but with Award Force, you can send fast notifications and broadcasts to applicants and judges at any stage of your program, right from the platform. You won’t need to manually export/import email addresses or keep track of correspondence in multiple platforms. You can filter out entrants who started an entry but did not finish, and send them reminders. Or you can email judges with entries waiting to be judged, to keep your program ticking along. It’s up to you!

4.   Empower your judges to assess quickly and easily (without lengthy downloads).

Award Force is designed to help assessors get through entries as efficiently as possible and this includes viewing media as well. To aid entry identification, uploaded image attachments are automatically used as thumbnails for the entry. Award Force also allows judges to experience media (images, video and audio) right from within Award Force with no downgrade in quality. No downloading, cataloguing and paper trails needed!

5.   Save time on administration tasks.

Award Force comes with tools to significantly reduce the time you spend on program administration:         

  • No data entry: Converting physical entries and scores to a digital system is a thing of the past. Submissions start and end digitally. Should your program require entrants to submit a physical product as part of their entry you can configure a packing slip from within Award Force, which entrants can download and print, and you can easily track. No more duplicating and collating entries for each judge or assessor.

  • No invoicing: If you have entry fees for your program— chasing, processing and reconciling payments is an aching pain. Award Force integrates directly with your preferred payment gateway and automatically identifies and tracks all payments.

6.   Make next season a few easy clicks away.

Plan on running a similar program every season? Award Force has a nifty feature to copy an existing season + its configuration and transfer it to a new season — all in one super-quick and easy step. You’ve already done the work, why do it twice?

7.   Take advantage of built-in reporting functionality.

Stay on top of your program progress and status without lengthy data compiling from multiple systems. Award Force provides real-time reporting and easy exporting of filtered data sets, providing an overview of your program the instant you log in.

8.   Get support when and where you need it.

Need a hand.JPG

Skip the new technology time sap. Not only is Award Force easy to use, but it’s also backed by our friendly and accessible client success team. We have a proven “Getting started” process designed to get you going from day one. We’ll learn about your program, you’ll learn about Award Force and we’ll make the magic happen together, in no time at all. We also have a built-in setup guide and helpful how-to articles and videos.

9.   Give your IT team a break.

Award Force is a SaaS platform (software as a service). That means the code is already written and the software is ready to use! Simply configure your program, decide when you want to start accepting entries/submissions and you’re all set to launch. No more time-intensive project management of new software. And we take care of all underlying maintenance.

10. Delight in a fast and reliable process.

Award Force is a leading-edge application that uses the latest technologies to provide an interface that is elegant, smooth and fast. But don’t just take our word for it. Read why our clients consistently give us 5-star ratings.