December 2020

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Blog, Release notes

New features

  • The entry form builder has received new improvements:
    • New drop-down field format: You can now drag and drop the order of a drop-down list field. Also, the value of each list item is now locked to prevent unintended changes.
    • Category configuration: You can now add, edit and delete categories without leaving the entry form.
    • There is a new currency field type that automatically preselects local currency, adds the currency symbol and applies appropriate formatting. 
  • There are two new endpoints to the API:
    • Tag entry endpoint to enable adding and removing tags via the API.
    • Orders endpoint to provide access to any payment, billings or orders via the API.
  • The gallery score set now allows you to choose between the original masonry gallery layout (original photo proportions) or a new square layout (images cropped to a square) to display in a grid. 
  • You can now lock categories on submitted entry forms, preventing entrants from changing categories after submission.
  • Merge fields are now included in Broadcasts, allowing you to personalise your communications sent from the platform.


  • In notification and Broadcast settings, the sender address field has been replaced by a reply-to email field to improve email deliverability.
  • The one-click login message has been updated inline with the improvements to email deliverability.
  • We added new rule possibilities for checkboxes in conditional fields: “is checked” and “is not checked”. 
  • There is a new contributor field prompt that lets users know they need to create contributor fields if there are none on the entry form.
  • Several improvements have been made to comply with WCAG 2.1 guidelines, such as: 
    • There is now a hover colour on menu items that have keyboard focus and we added role=”button” to menu items that expand to assist users with screenreaders.
    • All status messages like active search filters in list views and the “Display 1 – x of x” message have been given the role of “status” to assist users with screenreaders.
    • We updated the colour of the search filters to make them more prominent.
    • In the single column view, users now have the full screen to view the entry form.
    • Popovers can now be dismissed using the escape button on the keyboard.
    • When a menu item on the left is clicked, screenreaders announce the new page and focus changes to the heading element on the new page.
  • The file type .avi is now supported for uploads in the entry form field types. 


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