Need to attract sponsors to your program?

Ebook attract sponsors to your program

Topics include:

  • Initial sponsorship strategy

  • Discovering potential sponsors

  • Meeting sponsors

  • Creating a proposal

  • Delivery

  • Closing the deal

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for every awards program wanting to attract sponsors to their programs:

  • Awards: Nominations, contests or competitions.

  • Grants: Grant-making or gift-giving organisations

  • Creative awards: Music, film, design, photography or art prizes

  • Startup: Incubator, accelerator, VC or funding programs

  • Academic: Scholarships, abstracts, fellowships or portfolios.

  • HR: Staff excellence or employee recognition

Our eBook guides sponsorship seekers through the process of attracting sponsors, from initial strategy all the way through to final sign off.

It’s a great read for those who have never sought out sponsorship before and equally useful as a refresher for those who have.