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Justification toolkit cover

The toolkit includes:

Award Force value

  • Award Force ROI

  • ROI calculator

Communicating value

  • Justification email

  • Award Force Fast Facts


Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is for anyone needing to communicate the value of Award Force to their business:

  • Awards: Nominations, contests or competitions.

  • Grants: Grant-making or gift-giving organisations

  • Creative awards: Music, film, design, photography or art prizes

  • Startup: Incubator, accelerator, VC or funding programs

  • Academic: Scholarships, abstracts, fellowships or portfolios.

  • HR: Staff excellence or employee recognition

Need help convincing your leadership of the value to your organisation of using Award Force? Or perhaps you are thinking about using Award Force but want to make a good decision based on hard facts?

Included in our justification toolkit are several resources to help you determine the return on investment you can expect from using Award Force, and to help you communicate that value to your organisation leadership.