4 Ways the new Award Force entry form is better, faster + more powerful

by | May 27, 2020 | Feature focus

Your awards program entry form is one of the key ingredients to a successful awards program. It helps you collect the right information from your entrants to pass along to your judges so they can make the best decisions. And, it’s an opportunity to provide a positive, professional experience to place your brand in its best light.

Given all this, our product team at Award Force has been busy creating a better, faster and more powerful entry form builder to help your program increase submitted entry volume and offer your participants the best possible experience.

Here are some of the highlights.

1. A layout powered by best practice UX 

Best practice UX

If you’re familiar with the Award Force interface, you already know just how many features and options you have. We wanted to make it easier for you to build your entry form. It’s the same clean interface you know, now powered by easily accessible tools to help you build faster. 

Simply switch on “Configuration mode” and use drag-and-drop to add content, move around tabs or fields, or add helper text for your intrants. Powerful. Clean. Fast.

Benefit: Timesaver! Ease-of-use boost for entrants and program managers.

2. Interactivity to fuel fast entry form creation

Award Force entry form builder

Building on our desire to improve your user experience, we’ve built a drag and drop editor that empowers you to create an entry form with just the right flow, ensuring the submission process is comfortable and speedy for your entrants. 

It’s now easy to create elements in a snap. With a powerful WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor, it’s easy to create question fields and sections quickly and efficiently. The builder is snappy and responsive and provides a real-time preview of what your entrant will see. 

With a simple toggle of “Configuration mode” you can exit the builder and view the form just as an entrant would. Preview, edit, preview, perfect! 

Benefits: Timesaver! 

3. Powered by options

Award Force entry flexibility

As we mentioned, the options are endless. From 17 different field types to tabs, categories and season functionality, you can easily add sophistication to your entry form. 

The new entry form builder makes all these options easy to access. And functionality like conditional logic for fields enables you to ask follow-up questions based on the replies of previous questions. 

Benefits: Entry form sophistication made more accessible! 

4. Made simple by context + content

Easy instructions for award entrants

We see it all the time – entry forms without contextual information results in a higher percentage of low-quality entries. And no one wants to deal with low-quality entries. The more information you provide your entrants, the better quality their submission will be and the fewer support calls you’ll receive. 

You are no doubt thinking about your entrants as they sit in front of their computer, working their hardest to submit a winning entry. And we are thinking about you. The new Award Force entry form builder makes it simple to add context where you need it – where your entrants will want it. Simply click any area of the form to add context.

The possibilities are endless: introduce your program, write guidelines at the beginning of each tab, or embed a video that goes over submission rules. Go granular and provide hints and/or instructions alongside each question with “hint text” and “help text” options in your field configuration.

Benefits: Stress eliminator! Plus, increased submission quality and volume and fewer support calls. 


We hope you enjoy the new builder. Creating a better, faster entry form will make your entrants and judges happier, and encourage all your participants to come back to your program, year after year. After all, your success is our success. 

Want to learn more? Deep dive into the Award Force entry form builder here.

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