6 Award Force automations that’ll save you heaps of time

by | May 5, 2020 | Feature focus

“When powerful technology meets effective implementation and internal process management, your company will soon find itself on a journey that leads to new heights of business success.”

Jon Miller

Imagine this fairly typical awards program scenario: 

An entrant submits an entry. A manager endorses it. The entry is passed along to judging. The judges assess the entry. The entrant is notified of the eventual results. A certificate is awarded.

With an entry often hopping back and forth among the important players in your awards program, it can be a lot of work to organize and communicate as needed through the entry’s lifecycle. But, this becomes a lot easier with an online awards management software. And even joyful – yes, joyful! – with Award Force’s many powerful automations to help run these daily tasks in the background for you.

With so many features and functions in the Award Force toolbox, we want to break down a few of the most popular (and used!) automations you can create in your awards program so you can concentrate on the more important tasks at hand.

Here are 6 time-saving Award Force automations to make your program run like a well-oiled machine:

1. Notify your entrants about their entry + payment status

Whether your program has 20 entrants or 20,000, it is much easier and faster to automate your entrant notifications. In Award Force, you can set up automations to notify your entrants of: 

  • Entry submission
  • Payment due with automatically generated invoice
  • Second stage payments by requesting additional payment after initial payment made

Here’s how to do it: In your Award Force platform, go to Settings > Notifications and edit each submission and payment notification as relevant. Keep in mind you can personalise each automated notification.

2. Solicit endorsements for nominations 

If your program includes a nomination process, you can easily automate the nomination process. After an entry is submitted, it can be sent to an individual for review. This person can make changes to the entry (if configured this way), and approve or reject the entry. Based on the outcome, the entry can be sent to another individual for review, and so on. In Award Force, this is called review flow.

Here’s how to do it: In the Award Force platform, go to Settings > Review Flow. Create your review stages. Then, create notifications to be sent at each stage. Get detailed instructions on Review flow here.

3. Create random judging assignments, automatically

Randomising the assignment of entries to judges ensures your judging round is fair, transparent and without reproach. In Award Force, we have a powerful assignments feature that allows you to do just that. You can automatically assign a certain amount of judges to each entry or assign each judge a certain number of entries.

Here’s how to do it: Go to Judging > Assignments. Click New random assignment and apply your relevant score set and round information. Get detailed instructions.

4. Populate panels with ready-to-judge entries

When you need to assign entries to many judges automatically without your ongoing involvement, we use a nifty feature called “Panels”. A panel is a set of criteria that outlines which judges will assess what entries and when. When a new entry matches the criteria you’ve set for a judging panel, the entry will become visible to the judges. Using panels also means you can link judges to one or more categories. Timesaver!

Here’s how to do it: Simply go to Judging > Panels and fill in your criteria. More details.

5. Notify program participants of results

Notify the winnersYou can set up notifications in advance so your entrants will know as soon as they’ve been tagged a finalist or winner. It’s completely up to you on how to organise your award standings. For example, you can create tags for all finalists, which then directs a notification from the platform to the entrant to let them know. Like all notifications, you can personalise them with merge fields.

Here’s how to do it: Go to Settings > Notifications and set up a notification that is triggered by your tag, such as Gold/Silver/Bronze.

6. Create + distribute award certificates

Automate award certificatesWith the Award Force platform, you can create awards certificates and automatically distribute them. You can also personalise the certificate to match your brand. Then, you can set up a notification triggered by a tag (like above) to inform your entrants, who can log in and download the file. Design it once, and say goodbye to printing + shipping costs.

Here’s how to do it: Go to Settings > Awards. Click New award and create your certificate! More details

The Award Force platform is chock full of features to save you time and money, and automations are a powerful way to keep your program running smoothly, without getting stuck on the small, but important, tasks.  With our powerful technology and your effective implementation, your program will soar with success. 



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