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by | May 27, 2020 | Feature focus

Your organisation’s brand is a powerful thing. It communicates who you are, what you stand for and sets you apart from everyone else. It is something to be cherished, cared for and given every opportunity to shine. 

At Award Force, we understand how valuable your brand can be. It’s why we put so much emphasis on creating and maintaining a contest management platform that places your brand in its best light. 

In this article, we detail a comprehensive list of features and functions which empower our clients to extend their brand reach and create a consistent experience between your marketing or informational sites and your awards platform. 


The login page

This is the first page your entrants or judges will see and it sets the tone of their experience with your awards program. In Award Force, you have a myriad of options available to configure this page and provide an exceptional experience from the get-go. 

Adjust colours

We wish we could say this one is obvious, but this functionality is not as widely available across other contest platforms… With Award Force, you can adjust the colours of the elements on screen to match your brand exactly. And you can get creative with it too. In this example from Made for Mums – they chose to keep the program information area in green and the login in grey with a green button.
Bonus points to Made for Mums for using the background image to communicate key points of the program in those clever bubbles. 

Made for mums toy awards 2019 registration page

Upload a background

Use a solid colour or upload a background image to your login page. We love using images here since it is a great way to communicate more than just your logo or brand colours. It’s an opportunity to set a theme, communicate information and create excitement amongst your awards community. 

Use high-resolution images like this example from AFAR Photography Awards

A far photo awards registration page

Provide program information

Use our flexible content block functionality to add information to your login page. You can add text, links, images, documents and even video. Here’s a great example from the Saipan International School Virtual Musical

The program manager has inserted a great welcome video along with the program details and a few rules for entering.

SISI virtual musical registration page

Enable social sharing

You can also enable social sharing on your login page, which leverages your own users to expand the footprint of your awards program organically. You can see the placement of the social sharing buttons on the left-hand side of the screen in the Saipan International School Virtual Musical example above, but you can include them elsewhere if you like.  

Promote your sponsors

If you have sponsors who support your program, Award Force has good news for you, and them! We have a dedicated area on the login page perfect for placement of sponsor and partner logos (or you can also use the background and information area to include sponsor logos). Here’s a fantastic example from the Azure Awards who absolutely nail the execution and give their sponsors the spotlight they deserve.

AZ awards registration page

Cookie consent style

Wait, what? Yes, the answer is yes!
You CAN style the cookie consent functionality that appears at the top of the page. No more boring one-size-fits-all approach here! Here’s another great client example from Real Media Awards who manage to match their brand colours precisely to give the consent banner a nice consistent feel with their brand identity. 

Real media awards registration page

Own the browser

Using the functionality at your disposal, you can upload your own favicon and configure your own domain. Here’s an example from The Asian Academy Creative Awards showing both in use. Looks great! Oh, and nice and secure, too!  😉 

Entry and judging pages

Once your users are logged in and ready to participate, the experience does not stop there. Round off your experience with these winning awards management software features to really drive your brand experience home. 

Adjust the colour scheme 

In Award Force you can configure the colours of all major interface areas to match your brand precisely. From buttons, to the menu, to the message areas and error text – you have control over it all. 

Theme configuration in award management system

Personalise headers and footers

Place your own headers and footers into the Award Force platform to extend your brand story even further. The options for what you include here are endless. Promote products, sponsors, your own brand, previous winner entries – it’s completely up to you. 

In the option below, you can see we have created a simple header image with our own logo for the header, followed by a logo panel of our (fake) sponsors in the footer. 

Personalise headers and footers in Award Force

Exportable PDFs and email notifications

Exportable PDFs and email notifications are no different. You can add your own styling and theming preferences to both of these outbound communications by adjusting each of their headers and footers too! 


With the right contest management software, your brand is in good hands

Making sure your brand, your sponsors and partners are well catered for is not a difficult thing to do in the Award Force platform. And with our world-famous client success team, extensive how-to articles and in-app support videos, you’ll find it easy to extend your brand with our contest management software. 

Want step-by-step help in theming your awards in our contest platform? Read our helpful Help Centre article for a quick start.

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