Attachments… more than just paperclips

by | May 28, 2018 | Feature focus

On the surface, attachments in Award Force are exactly what you think they are, a means for your entrants and grant-seekers to include additional information or media with their submission.

But scratch a little deeper and you will find attachments in Award Force are not just a paperclip on the side of an input box, they are a fully-fledged power tool which gives you, your team and your program participants an exceptional experience, leaving you wondering “why doesn’t everyone handle attachments like that?”

Using attachments in Award Force is easy

Upload everything, something or nothing

Your entrants / grant-seekers can upload any type of file to Award Force. If the file type is audio/photo/video Award Force allows your entrants / grant-seekers to preview their upload, from within the Award Force system. Size doesn’t matter either, Award Force handles mega file uploads with ease.

Program managers have complete control over the file types and file size accepted for upload too. Simply check the file types you want to allow, the maximum file size, and Award Force will do the rest.

Annotate attachments

Program managers can include fields to be associated with attachments, allowing entrants / grant-seekers to provide additional data on each individual attachment. Perfect for helping you manage attachments or find specific details about an attachment with ease.

Some photography contests use this field to ask entrants to provide credits, dates, or conditions a particular photo was taken in, while some grant programs request grant-seekers to provide a short overview of an uploaded document. Your imagination and your program requirements have free reign here.

First-class entrant experience

Attachments are so much more than your run-of-the-mill upload paperclip. Entrants + grant-seekers can see the progress of their attachments upload (particularly important for large files), both in terms of data transferred and % completion, they receive visual feedback of the file type they have uploaded and if transcoding is necessary (in the case of video files), Award Force will show the progress of this too. If they don’t like the order of their uploaded attachments, they can change it!

Our philosophy is to ensure your entrants / grant-seekers have as much control over their submission as possible. By doing this, we can help to alleviate a little of the anxiety some entrants / grant-seekers deal with and in turn improves their overall experience with your program.

Easy attachments with Award Force

Streamlined judging experience

Award Force is designed to help judges / assessors / adjudicators get through entries as efficiently as possible and this thread runs through viewing attachments as well. To aid entry identification, uploaded image attachments are automatically used as thumbnails for the entry. Award Force also allows judges to download attachments or, if it is a supported video, audio or image, experience it, right from within Award Force.

A streamlined judging experience with Award Force

Easy to configure and secure

For the program manager, setting up Award Force to accept attachments is extremely easy. Simply tell Award Force what the size limitations are (if any), what file types you want to accept and what the field should look like (name, hint text, etc) and you are done.

Worried you are asking an entrant / grant-seeker to upload potentially sensitive data? No problem, you can set Award Force to provide additional levels of security to the attachment field and give your entrants / grant-seekers added peace of mind.

Additional features

Award Force gives you flexibility and control over what happens with attachments. A few additional controls you can apply if necessary:

  • No downloading
    Don’t want judges to download attachments? No problem, simply untick the option in the attachments field.
  • Anonymous judging
    If your program requires anonymous judging, Award Force can anonymise attachment downloads by anonymising the file name.
  • Show judges some, none or all attachments
    Award Force allows you to specify what type of attachments judges can or cannot see— perfect for focussing attention or getting work judged before delving into detail.

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