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by | Feb 15, 2018 | Feature focus

One of the key focus areas for Award Force has always been in the details. We understand that even the smallest details make all the difference to the experience you and your participants have when interacting with the Award Force software.

One of the things we pay close attention to are tables of information. Tables, or list views as we call them in Award Force play a crucial role in helping to manage information, whether that’s entry details, judge details or in areas like judging panels and progress. So it makes sense that we have a robust and useful feature set that gives you the ability to flexibly control what you are able to see.

Did you know that you could manipulate tables within Award Force?


sorting column in Award Force

Often, you need to find and see specific data within Award Force and without doubt, being able to sort columns is one of the best ways to do that. Simply look for any column with the up/down arrow and click the column label. This will sort the column alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. A small up (reverse alphabetical) or down (alphabetical) arrow will show to indicate which way it has been sorted.

Drag and drop

drag and drop

Don’t like the way we arrange columns in Award Force? Fine by us! Simply drag and drop columns into the order you prefer. Look out for the black line indicator to see where the column will land when you drop it.

Add/remove columns

add and remove columns in Award Force

With Award Force, you don’t need to export data in order to add/remove columns from your view— do it in the software. Simply look for the cog icon on the top left of every list view, click it and choose which columns you want to be shown. Simple but powerful.

Like your new table layout? Save it. Share it.

Save your Award Force view

Your new column layout is useful to you? Want to keep your team focussed on only a subset of information? Why not save your new view and share it with your team. Click on the advanced search button in the search field and give your view a name.
You can create, save and share as many different column layouts as you like. Saved views include the active set of search filters too!

Responsive as always

One of the core things about Award Force is our ability to ensure that you can use the software wherever you are and on whatever device you prefer. Table layouts in Award Force are fully responsive, and even allow for visibility of big tables of information on the smallest devices.

Need to check if a participant registered correctly or need to check on an entry while you are out socialising? Award Force can make that happen in no time and get you back to your dinner party before they bring out the dessert.

Exports made even easier

Export what you want and nothing else.

Export in Award Force

Want to customise what gets exported? You can do that with Award Force.

Choose to export every column (default) or customise the export by removing columns. You can also put the columns in any order you want. It works on the same principle as the table layout configuration as well so you can save the customised export and share it with your team as a .csv or excel file.

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