Feature Fave Raves: Review flow – powerful yet beautifully versatile

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Feature focus

Rachel Martin is the Product Manager at Award Force and a regular contributor to Feature Fave Raves.

If I had to name my favourite feature in Award Force it would be Review flow, our sophisticated, multi-stage entry management workflow feature. It’s powerful yet beautifully versatile with a plethora of uses. 

It can be used to trigger emails to referees when entrants submit their entries; to request a manager review of an entry; to send unique notifications for each category; to request additional information from an entrant; and even to invite users to submit their dietary preferences for an upcoming event.

Request references, automatically

Let’s say you’re accepting entries for an employee recognition program and each entrant is required to submit a manager report. For integrity purposes, you want to contact the manager separately to allow them to submit their reference directly to you. You can create a review stage to manage this. 

A review stage can be automatically triggered by entry submission.  Meaning an email is sent to the manager as soon as the entry is submitted dispensing with the need for manual work on your part. The manager is contacted automatically and can submit their reference online.

Review flow in Award Force

You get to design exactly what questions to ask the manager and the information they submit is not visible to the entrant. The reference is saved as part of the original entry and can be made visible to judges.

Ask for additional information

A review stage can also be sent to the entrant in the case where you want them to provide additional information. This could be for an upcoming event – whether they’ll bring a guest and their name, or if they have a preference for dinner or dietary restrictions.

It can also be used to collect further information for their entry, such as further details on experience or certifications in relation to their submitted work. 

Award Force review flow example

Review flow in the Award Force awards management software gives you the flexibility to choose who the reviewers are and what questions they should answer in the review stage. This is what gives it so many practical applications.

Learn more 

If you’d like to learn more about how to use this powerful functionality for your awards program, read more about Review flow here, or request a demo to see it in action.  

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