Feature focus: Edit interface text more easily

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Feature focus

At Award Force, we understand every awards program is different. One thing that can differ dramatically between programs is the terminology used. Perhaps you refer to your submissions as applications instead of entries. Or maybe you’d like to modify the phone number validation message. Both of these are possible with our terms and interface text options.

With 65+ interface text options we understand some clients would find it easier to edit the interface text, in context, right where the text is displayed. So now when you hover over any editable interface text, a tooltip will be displayed and will link directly to the location where you can change the text. #timesaver

Edit interface text on My entries

To turn this option on, go to Settings > Content > Interface text and switch on Display tooltips to see all customisable interface text. And when you’re done, you can switch them off! Don’t worry, even with the tooltips off you can still easily edit any of the interface text options at any time.

Learn more about changing interface text in Award Force.

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