Feature focus: Guides + tours to lead the way

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Feature focus

Your success is our success. We say this a lot—because it’s true. And our newest feature drives this fact home.

Introducing: Guides and tours in the Award Force platform. It’s a new tab available in the left-hand navigation that provides you with incredibly helpful resources, all in one handy spot.

From this area, you can configure your account with easy-to-follow instructions and guides. Or, you can read about our latest new features. And, you can take a variety of tours that orientate you around a feature or part of the platform.

Guides for configuration

Under the guides section, you can read through a variety of helpful articles, including:

  • Account set-up and configuration
  • User registration
  • Judging configuration
  • The entry form builder
  • Gallery set-up
  • And much more!

New features

We make it easy for program managers to see the latest new features in the platform in this new Guides and tours tab. Under new features, you’ll be able to see at quick glance what’s new and how you can use it to manage your awards program.

You’ll also see a link to our latest software release notes, where you can get the scoop on all the new features and improvements released each month.

Tours to guide you through the platform

Award Force offers a high level of sophistication and flexibility when it comes to configuring and managing your awards program. But we understand it can be challenging to be across it all. Our new tour feature takes you through our most popular features and platform views to help you make the most out of your awards management experience.

Current tours include:

  • An Award Force orientation
  • How to monitor program performance
  • How to send an email broadcast to your program participants
  • How to use a judging panel

Feature intros to provide context

In the most popular views across the platform, such as the Manage entries dashboard and the Leaderboard, you’ll see new introduction panels across the top of the screen. These include helpful tips about the view or feature, videos to explain how it works and links to further resources.


With so many options in the platform, we want to simplify your process and drive your awards toward success, every step of the way.


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