Feature focus: Multiple attachment tabs

by | Sep 5, 2021 | Feature focus

New this month! 🎉 Our entry form now supports multiple attachment tabs, which allows program managers to easily organise supporting materials submitted by entrants.

Award Force’s attachment tabs make it easy to collect supporting information for an entry. We support 50+ file types including images, graphics, videos, documents, audios and archive files.

Multiple attachment tabs in Award Force

You can specify exactly which attachments you want to allow as well as setting file size limits and the number of attachments entrants can upload. 

By using multiple attachment tabs, each tab can have different requirements based on your program needs. For example, you may have categories with different attachment requirements (such as number or type of attachments) or perhaps you’d like to collect images on one tab and documents on another.

With multiple attachment tabs, you can configure your entry form to collect supporting material from your entrants in a way that makes sense for your program.

See our Help Centre for more information on configuring entry form tabs

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