Feature focus: New role for lead judges

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Feature focus

You asked, we listened! The judging experience is important. And, often, awards programs have a lead judge who needs greater role permissions in the platform. So now, we’ve added a “lead judge” role to the list of default roles for every new Award Force account.

This means that program managers no longer have to create a custom role for a lead judge. Lead judges have the same permissions as a regular judge but now they also have the ability to see the scores and comments of other judges.

User roles and permissions are an important part of any awards management system. It allows you to grant the appropriate permissions to each user. 

For example, an entrant will have a different level of access to a program manager or judge. Setting role permissions allows you to do this.

Every Award Force account comes with a set of default user roles, including program manager, chapter manager, entrant, judge and guest. This makes it easy to quickly assign the right permissions to users based on the level of access they need.

These roles cover the vast majority of the types of users in your program. However, sometimes these default roles are not enough. So you also have the ability to create custom roles where you can modify the permissions allowed to match your needs.

If you’d like to learn more about custom roles and how to configure them, reach out to our friendly client success team.

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