Feature focus: Shortcuts for success

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Feature focus

Awards program managers often need to make queries and searches through a large list of awards entries. In Award Force, we make that easy with Saved views of searches.

And now, we’ve made it even easier for program managers to find what they need, fast. Introducing… shortcuts, which provide a quick-access link to Saved views from the most useful views in the Award Force platform. These shortcuts can also be added to the Dashboard view for even more convenience.

Manage entries shortcuts

Saved views are a handy feature in Award Force that allow program managers to quickly save and apply their most frequent advanced searches without needing to set individual search criteria every time. It’s possible to add, remove or re-order any of the columns and this will also be saved as part of the Saved view.

Saved views can be very helpful. For example, from Manage entries a program manager can view all entries in progress, with only the columns for entry name, entrant name and last updated status visible. This can be saved as a Saved view. Then, it can be added as a shortcut to Manage entries, rather than stored in the Advanced search menu.

Shortcuts are only visible to the program manager who creates it, making it simple to customise based on individual user needs.  

The most helpful program views are available right on screen. No more searching. No more saving them in hidden menus. Just a simple click with the new shortcuts feature. #timesaver

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