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by | Dec 6, 2017 | Feature focus

It takes program management superheroes to coordinate all of the moving parts in a recognition program. All participants, from entrants, to judges, to you and your team are on a timeline and ensuring it all gets done within that timeline is critical. 

Even when everyone is in close proximity and easily accessible, communicating  different tasks at different times, to different participants can be an enormous challenge, doubly so when your entrants, judges or even your program team are in different locations. To ensure that the pressure is kept to a minimum, tempers don’t flare and everyone remains calm, collected and most importantly, informed of what they need to do next and by when— it takes clear, effective and timely communication. 

Even experienced program managers and their teams are human, make mistakes, feel pressure or forget to do something by a certain time. We aren’t robots and it pays to expect things will get a little bumpy between planning, submissions and adjudication.

That doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of technology to help us when we really need to ensure that every participant is kept up to date and on track with their tasks. 

Enter… our broadcast feature. Broadcasting from Award Force will help you effortlessly communicate with the right people at the right time about the right things. The Award Force broadcast feature is as simple as email but with significant time-saving advantages. 

Reduces errors

Broadcast is built into the Award Force system and uses the contact details which each participant in your program provided during registration. You don’t need to worry about incorrectly spelt email addresses, attempting inefficient copy paste jobs, managing subscriber list updates or sending a message to the wrong person.


The broadcast feature is easily found in most list views— making it a cinch to target the right audience for a specific message. Simply filter who you want to send the message to and write your message. Easy! It doesn’t stop there though, filter your users by specific criteria you define and hit the broadcast button to write a message to only those filtered users. You could inform shortlisted candidates, notify winners or simply filter by tag and ask for a re-submission.

Even more brand and sponsor visibility

Broadcast emails are sent in a nice simple branded email template with no extra effort. You can even give your sponsors additional visibility with every broadcast communication. 

No accusations of bias

Entrants complaining of bias by programs or judges are becoming more and more prevalent in recognition programs and usually, it’s nothing more than someone being mistakenly left off an email list or receiving a slightly different version of information (perhaps say, after the 100th time you wrote THAT email). Broadcast puts a stop to perceptions of bias and ensures your side stays clean since everyone who should receive a message, will receive it, and it will be the same message. There can be no complaints about that.

Everyone on track and completing on time

Broadcast is flexible enough to write any kind of message to any registered users in your recognition program, en masse. Advise entrants about impending deadlines, let nominators know about early bird price options, easily manage the review process or communicate with judges about new entries and cutoff times. The list is endless and it is up to you what you send and when. 


Use broadcasts to reduce chances of error, be more efficient in your communication, give sponsors added visibility, close the door on accusations of bias, and keep everyone on track and completing their tasks on time. 


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