How to detect plagiarism

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Feature focus

Credibility is critical for every business endeavour. But it’s even more fundamental in an awards, grants or submission program where evaluating content is a central focus and where plagiarism is a threat to program credibility.

And, unfortunately, it’s easier than ever for someone to steal content that is not theirs.

A Rutgers study on plagiarism revealed some shocking statistics on academic integrity at the college and graduate school level:

  • 36% of undergraduates and 24% of graduate students admitted to “paraphrasing/copying a few sentences from an internet source without footnoting it”
  • 38% of undergraduates and 25% of graduate students admitted to “paraphrasing/copying a few sentences from a written source without footnoting it
  • 7% of undergraduates had copied materials “almost word for word from a written source without citation”

But plagiarism isn’t limited to academia. If it happens at prestigious institutions of learning, it is happening in awards, grants and other recognition programs.

And with that in mind, we’ve released a popular new feature for plagiarism detection.

plagiarism detection

The feature: Plagiarism detection powered by a Copyleaks integration.

What it does: Reviews content submitted by program entrants to ensure originality.

What can be scanned: Attachments and copy submitted within application fields. There is also an easy option to scan all entries in a season in a bulk batch.


How judges can view plagiarism detection:

The % score of suspect content is visible to program managers and can be set to display to judges. Where relevant, program managers and judges can inspect a report that details the source(s) of same/similar content, to evaluate whether it is indeed plagiarism or a legitimate case of similar content. The results can also be downloaded as a PDF document.

Who can use this feature: This feature is available to all Award Force account types but requires a paid Copyleaks account. They provide a free trial so you can test the feature first.

Interested to see how to detect plagiarism with our new feature? Schedule a demo with Award Force today.

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