The icing on the cake: badges + certificates in Award Force

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Feature focus

Delivering awards certificates is a highlight of an awards program, especially for program entrants. But creating and distributing certificates can be time-consuming and generate menial tasks that many program managers would prefer to avoid.

With Award Force, creating badges and certificates is a cinch. You simply set up your certificates or badges once and the software will take care of generating them for you in the future.

Badges — visual and public

In Award Force, badges allow you to attach a visual element to specific entries in order to flag them as noteworthy. The most common use of badges is to signal winning entries with, for example, the mention “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze”. 

AF badges

Using badges, you have an eye-catching visual to communicate information about your entries to entrants, judges, your team or external participants such as the press.

In Award Force, setting up badges is straightforward: give your badge a title, set the visibility and decide whether you’d like to use a colour or an image.  

Creating a badge in Award Force


  • Create multiple badges for different levels of achievement or recognition. You can have as many as you like. 
  • Configure badges by using tags and save time! With auto-tagging, you can automatically create a badge for an entry that has a specific tag. 
  • You can also use badges to showcase your sponsor logos! Simply upload the logo in the badge configuration screen and set to the appropriate entries. 

Certificates — personalised and official 

One of the highlights of your awards program! With a few simple clicks, Award Force takes care of generating and delivering online certificates to entrants or nominees. You no longer have to worry about timing or repeatedly wonder: “Did I forget someone?”. 

Certificates are generated automatically, delivered to the right participants, at the right time, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time to set it up. And it’s dead easy. 

In the platform, simply give your certificate a title, upload a header and a footer and enter the text you’d like the recipient to see. 

As with badges, you can create as many certificates as you like, tailoring them for each specific award you’d like to disperse. E.g. Overall winner, best newcomer or service award. 

Award Force awards certificate


  • Design on-brand certificates by uploading a header and a footer image with your logo, your brand colours and your sponsors’ logos. The choice is all yours!
  • You can also endorse a certificate action to one of the stages of your review flow. For example, send a certificate to nominees when a participant approves a nomination. 
  • Set up an automatic broadcast to notify entrants by email that a certificate is available for download.

An awards program management system wouldn’t be complete without badges and certificates. In Award Force, it’s easy to create aesthetic badges and certificates easily and make sure they are distributed at the right time and to the right entrants. 

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