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by | Sep 22, 2020 | Articles, Blog

 Technology has been a lifeboat during the coronavirus pandemic. It has enabled us to stay in contact with loved ones, order food and groceries from the safety of our homes and to work remotely without interruption. As tragic as the pandemic has been so far, I can’t begin to imagine how much worse it might have been without technology.

This is particularly true in education. Through the use of technology, students have continued their education by attending classes remotely, submitting assignments online and taking virtual exams. 

And, as a parent, I’ve experienced my fair share of virtual learning platforms. But as a product manager for a submission management system, I’ve seen just how much is missing from some of the most popular platforms out there. 

Created with sophisticated submission assessment in mind, Award Force is a perfect choice for any education institution wanting to move beyond Word documents, online forms or paper submissions and towards a more sophisticated, modern approach that includes the qualitative assessment and feedback of submitted scholastic work.

A submission evaluation software for robust academic submission 

By using Award Force as a submission evaluation software, teachers, instructors or leaders can request specific submissions from their students. And, these submissions can be organised by topic, subject, grade, year or level. 

For example, students can select their course and assignment on the application form which then dynamically updates to reflect their choice with any contextual information the instructor or organiser wants to provide.

Choosing a course
Form questions

Students can upload any type of file – Award Force supports all major file types. Educators can request documents, photos, videos, creative submissions, audio files, and more. It’s up to you. 

And you can choose the type of field or question you ask, such as multiple-choice, short answer, long answer, drop-down and more. 

Accepting attachments with submission

Plagiarism detection ensures integrity

Once the entries have been collected, Award Force offers academic institutions and instructors the option to immediately and automatically check the submissions for plagiarism. 

This plagiarism tool gives a percentage suspect score to indicate whether a submission has been copied or not.

Powerful assessment tools + feedback

When the assignment has been submitted it can be assessed by teachers. Scores can be given to the assignment as a whole or you can create individual scoring criteria for each question. Different scoring criteria can be given different weightings.

Plagiarism detection
Feedback options in award management software
Reviewing online submissions

It’s also possible to give permission to others to review, which can be an easy way to set up peer reviews. 

If a submission requires further work, it’s possible to set up an automated workflow where the submitter or student is notified of the edits and further actions required. 

When assessment is complete the comments and scores can be shared with students.

A gallery for showcasing work

And once the work is complete, you can create a beautiful gallery (perfect for creative works) to showcase the students’ work on a shareable public link with your community.

Gallery to share student work

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