August 2021

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Release notes

New features

  • A new API endpoint for fields has been added, which can now retrieve a full list of fields.  


  • The success message for inviting users has been improved for clarity. 
  • Default notifications for user registration and invitation have been created to ensure ease of registration for new users when these notifications do not exist or were previously deleted. 
  • Image size dimensions are now visible on the entry preview for program managers. 
  • Visual and accessibility improvements were made to the My entries view so that keyboard users can now copy, delete and download entries.
  • Role details have been improved in the score set settings for score sharing. Help articles have also been linked in the score set settings for further details. 
  • We improved usability of the searchable fields panel for score set settings, where a maximum of three fields can be selected. 
  • There is now an option to remove the State field from the address on the cart. Since many countries do not have states (or an equivalent), this streamlines the payment process for entrants in those countries.
  • It is now possible to hover over any judge in the panel settings and view the email address for faster identification. 

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