April 2019

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Release notes

New features

  • Badges can now be optionally set to display on the My entries list view.

  • All content locations now have an in-context edit icon (Blue pencil) that quick links to edit the content block, even if there is not yet a content block defined for that location.


  • A few improvements to the Entries tab of a user screen:

    • Tags are now displayed for entries

    • Status column displays the various other statuses as in the Manage entries list view

    • Pagination controls have been added to support longer lists of entries

    • An action button at the top of the tab Open in Manage entries shortcuts to all the functionality in Manage entries.

  • The Manage entries filter now has a typeahead filter for Entrants

  • The Score set configuration loading time is now much faster

  • Time stamping on edited chapters and other resources has been improved

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