September 2018

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Release notes

New features

  • New white-label domain option has been added for scholarships.

  • You can now export the Audit log, and customise that export.

  • Under GDPR, data subjects have the right to request all of data held on/about them, and in a format that could be transferred to other software/systems— we now have a tool in place for users to be able to request this directly themselves (saving you a lot of manual effort) from within their user profile and then download a securely encrypted Zip file package of all their data.


  • Performance improvement for panel configurations.

  • Improved protection and optimisation to deal with automated (bot) traffic.

  • Some dashboard widgets are now cached, to improve dashboard/application load speed.

  • The export configurator control for selecting columns to include in exports now have controls to “Clear all” and “Add all” columns, with one click.

  • Subscription and cookie consent preferences are now available as optional columns on the users list view and users export.

  • The Award Force interface has received a few subtle yet impressive improvements:

    • Checkbox and radio button styling

    • Slightly darker text has been implemented system-wide for improved legibility

    • Action button improvements

    • Typography refinements

    • General UI improvements

  • The Audit log has received several new improvements:

    • New search UI

    • Columns can now be arranged and that configuration can be saved

    • Over 10 new resource events are now logged, including fund events, role events and chapter events.

    • Export log event history

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