February 2018 release update

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Release notes

New features

  • Discount codes can now be assigned to specific categories or all categories.

  • You can now add a purchase order number (PO) and edit the billing address on an invoice.

  • New features to enhance the management of table views found in Award Force (E.g. Scoring criteria or Judging progress):

    • Sort more columns than ever before

    • Arrange columns by drag and drop

    • Add or remove columns from a table

    • Save new created table layouts (views) with a combination of column arrangement, columns in view and any specific filters applied to the table.

    • Share newly created views with your team.

  • Customized exports are now available:

    • Add/remove columns from any export

    • Define column order in the export

    • Save and share the export configuration with your team.

  • Hebrew has been added as a language translation.


  • Tables are now fully responsive.
  • Performance update completed for the “My entries” section. 
  • Clicking on links in Award Force now opens a new tab instead of in the same window. 

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