January 2018 release update

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Release notes

New features

  • Four new language translations have been added. Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese. 

  • An improved CAPTCHA service called “FunCaptcha” has been added to protect registration from bots. Unlike Google’s reCaptcha used previously, FunCaptcha works in China. And it’s more fun!

  • Prepaid entries are now enabled, allowing programs to request payment before the entry process.

  • New API endpoints for orders and order items are available. For more on our API see here.

  • Orders are now searchable. Search by order number, transaction ID, username or user email address. 

  • Two new “order” related widgets can be found on your dashboard alongside “data volume”. One deals with the total submitted cart orders value and the other deals with an estimation of cart orders based on entries in progress.

  • We now give you the option to collect billing details if an entry invoice amounts to $0.


  • Changes to the “File upload” field data in the entries export:
    Entries export used to list an ID for an attachment uploaded to file upload (single) fields. Now, we list the original name of the file that was uploaded making it easier to identify a file itemised in the export. Handy if you want to add files to your CRM. 
  • Search and filtering on archived seasons is now much faster and will result in fewer timeouts.

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