February 2019

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Release notes

New features

  • The new plagiarism detection feature is now available.

  • Bulk untag of entries is now also available from the Manage entries view.


  • On the manager’s view of an entry, the Moderation and Tagging controls now use better technology, a save button is no longer needed here. We’ll do that automatically for you.

  • Attachment settings (quantity, size and type limits) have been moved from Settings > General > Attachments, to the more logical location of Settings > Tabs and visible when creating an attachments tab.

  • The Quick manager bar, moderation + tagging controls and the comment control have received aesthetic upgrades.

  • Images larger than 500MB cannot be resized (they can be uploaded/downloaded though), resulting in a broken icon for these thumbnails. We now replace that with a generic document upload icon.

  • Grammar has been improved on Voting rules displayed on the voting view.

  • New notifications now default to active.

  • Registration / log in validation of system fields has now been localised to reflect your language preference.

  • For qualifying score sets supporting unsure decisions, the Unsure button now changes to amber when selected, to improve visibility of the selected state.

  • When creating manual assignments, there is now a count next to each judge’s name to show how many assignments they have allocated to them. Clicking the count displays a modal window with a list of their assignments.

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