January 2019

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Release notes

New features

  • Teaser alert! We are working on a new plagiarism detection feature! Soon to be released.

  • You can now copy a judging panel

  • Greek is now available as a language option

  • iDEAL payment method option for Stripe gateway users

  • Introducing “The Quick Manager” on manager’s preview of an entry


  • {parent_category} merge field introduced on notifications.

  • The assignments list view has received an upgrade with various improvements:

    • Entry tags are now displayed, and you can filter assignments by entry tag.

    • Bulk action controls were added to add / remove tags from the entry associated with the selected assignments.

    • Bulk action controls were added to recuse / remove recusal of judge associated with the selected assignments.

  • Payment status (displayed on My entries and Manage entries) now links to either the associated invoice, or to the cart, depending on status.

  • A feedback round can now be set to display total/overall scores only

  • Manage entries now has a Submitted date/time column option.

  • Leaderboard now has Created, Updated and Submitted date/time column options.

  • Leaderboard now has an ID column option for exports to have a concatenated local ID and category short code in one column.

  • Improved communication for users who already have an Award Force account.

  • Field and tab order numbers are now automatic.

  • The score set configuration received a clean-up. Now clearer + more readable.

  • Prices can now be copied, including variants on the price.

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