July 2019

by | Jul 28, 2019 | Release notes

New features

  • The new manage duplicates feature is now available for pro accounts. This feature can both automatically identify duplicate entries and allow program managers to manually manage any suspected duplicates. Entries with the same or similar names in the same category will be flagged as a possible duplicate entry. The program manager will be able to:

    • See an overview of a duplicate set

    • Compare duplicate entries

    • Observe or change the primary entry

    • View confirmed duplicates in archives

    • Set entries as “Not a duplicate”

      Learn how to save time managing duplicate entries on our support site

  • There’s a new content block at the top of the user preferences tab to help communicate the importance of broadcast and notification subscription emails to your entrants. Like all content blocks, this copy is editable to fit your program needs.

    Learn more about this content block on our support site

  • Swedish is now available as a language option

  • Discount codes now have an expiry date and a new checkbox to make them active/inactive.


  • It is now impossible to create a round where the end date is before the start date to help prevent misconfiguration.  

  • When two or more score sets are active at the same time and use the same content block only one content block will now display to avoid duplicate content.

  • There is now a visual prompt for users to check their deleted list when trying to add a new user who already exists, but has been deleted.

  • It’s now possible to copy the table field type between seasons and accounts using My Award Force.

  • Resubmission edits now follow the same rule set by the “Entries locked on submission” checkbox. If this is checked, edits cannot be made after resubmission. If this is unchecked, edits can be made provided the ends date has not passed.

  • Image dimensions of file uploads are now included in the custom files export at Entries > Manage entries

  • The review/resubmission end dates have been removed from the judging and feedback round configuration options as they are only applicable in entry configuration.

  • The new user preferences content block has received a few updates.

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