March 2019

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Release notes

New features

  • Bulk action buttons are now nested under one Action button on the Manage entries list view.

  • Table field export is now available! Tables are now included in the same export file as the regular Entries export, with an extra sheet for each table field.

  • Field visibility for judging has been moved to score set configuration, on the display tab.

  • The Archive feature got a batch of exciting “phase two” additions/improvements:

    • Creating manual assignments, you can now filter “Entry state” to include/exclude archived entries.

    • The Assignments list view now has an “Entry state” filter.

    • You can now Archive/Unarchive an entry from the manager’s view of the entry. Look for it under the new action button.

    • You can now bulk Archive/Unarchive entries from the leaderboard.

    • On the Manage reviews list view, any archived entries are identified with the Archive icon.

    • On the Review entries list view, archived entries are excluded from display.

    • For review tasks, archived entries cannot be viewed/reviewed (same treatment as deleted entries).


  • Top pick on mobile has been improved to use the same colour palette for buttons as desktop.

  • On the Top pick judging progress list view, the “Total” count column has been renamed to “Total assignments” for clarity. Also, a new “Preferences allowed” count column has been introduced.

  • All entry related notifications can now be sent to an email address specified in the entry (previously only the “Entry submitted” notification could do this).

  • Awards (badges + certificates) are now copied with a copy of a season.

  • Content blocks for judging can now be made for specific score sets to provide instruction and content for any mode. They can be configured and displayed in Judging > Score sets > Score set > Display tab).

  • AddThis profile ID config on Settings > General > Social is now validated to check that it follows the expected ID format.

  • The broadcast limit has been raised to 5,000 to allow more communications from the dashboard.

  • Payment configurations have received several improvements:

    • Currency selections now persist when toggling payments on/off.

    • Error messages help notify you if currency is missing.

    • The currencies configuration list view is now consistent with Taxes and Prices.

    • Currency list now includes ISO three-letter currency codes.

  • It’s now impossible to delete the default currency.

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