November 2018

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Release notes

New features

  • From within Award Force, users with membership to two or more accounts on Award Force now have a link to My Award Force (from the user menu, top right), where you can switch between all your accounts. You can also access My Award Force from this website by clicking “Log in” in the menu.

  • Program managers can copy entries between accounts from within My Award Force.

  • A new implementation of our payment gateway integration with Stripe, supporting Stripe’s preferred/current integration method has been completed. The existing Stripe integration remains appended with “(Legacy)” in payment gateway settings.

  • Entries can now be individually archived, in bulk. Archived entries are safely retained, but locked and hidden away from your main working areas.

  • The “Entry name” field label can now be specified per category.


  • Discount codes can now be configured to limit their usage. Limit usage by number of uses or maximum uses per user.

  • Our API “Entry” end-point now includes attachment field information, along with attachments information.

  • Improved performance when copying multiple entries with large attachments.

  • The new “Entries by category” report now has an Excel/CSV export option.

  • For VIP judging score sets, the judge’s own summary in their “list view” now shows the mean score, when that is the selected option for a score set.

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