September 2019

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Release notes

New features


  • We’ve made it easier for your judges to make evaluations within the Top pick judging mode. A new feature within each entry allows your judge to hover over their previous picks, making it simple and fast to compare and change a pick, if they wish.

  • A new message appears when a user hits the voting limit (5 votes from one IP address per entry in 5 minutes). This helps to restrict spammers targeting entries on public voting.

  • Four new language translations have been added to our platform: Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish (neutral) and French (Canadian).


  • Program managers can now set the maximum number of entries shown to judges. Previously, judges could choose their preference for how many entries to display in a list, but not all judges knew the option was there. This will make it much easier and more streamlined for judges moving forward. #timesaver

  • The entry autosave now only saves when changes have been made, resulting in better application performance.

  • There have been several payment gateway improvements:

    • BluePay payment gateway users can now add a payment identifier to their account.

    • The First Data payment gateway has been updated to be compliant with the new SCA regulation.

    • The Stripe legacy payment gateway has been removed as an option in the payment settings. All clients using Stripe now need to use the more secure gateway.

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