December 2019

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Release notes

New features

  • Program managers can now permanently delete entries. While deleting entries has been available for some time, this was a soft delete and entries were retrievable. Permanently deleting entries deletes them forever. When permanently deleting entries, you can choose to retain the judging data and if you do, the entry’s score will remain on the leaderboard but the entry name will be changed to a random set of 8 characters. 


  • The  “View Judge PDF” button has been removed from the manager’s view of an entry since judges can now download entries themselves 
  • The “recalculate” button on the Leaderboard is now available to Chapter managers. 
  • URL type fields can now be selected when creating conditional fields. This means you can create a condition based on whether a URL field is completed correctly
  • Language in the Top Pick judging view has been simplified to make it even easier for judges to use. 
  • The cookie banner has received a usability improvement. Your users now have a simplified set of choices, yet still have the power to control their privacy settings. 
  • Access permissions for using Twitter to log in has been relaxed. Twitter will no longer request access to unnecessary data. 

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