December 2021

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Release notes

New features

  • You can now enable dark mode in the platform in the user profile settings.


  • Nested action buttons have been added to all list views. #simplify
  • Review flow received the following updates:
    • A new message has been added to the top of Review flow pages for when a form has already been submitted.
    • Validation has been removed from the flow when the hide action is enabled to improve user experience. 
  • Autocomplete is now active on account provisioning pages so any user data is not lost when the page is refreshed. #timesaver 
  • A new success notification has been added to My Award Force for when users copy an entry successfully.  
  • We simplified the account provisioning page to include the new account URL with an option to edit. 
  • The checkbox styling received an update in all list views.  
  • An interface text string for SSO users who are required to input a code is now editable. 


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