July 2021

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Release notes

New features

  • We now support multiple attachment tabs, enabling you to organise attachment tabs by category or type of attachment.  
  • Emojis are now supported 🎉 and can be added to category descriptions, content blocks, notifications, terms and interface text. For Mac users, use the shortcut Cmd+Ctrl+Space to insert emojis. For Windows users, hold the Windows key and the period or semicolon key.


  • A confirmation message is now displayed when a user makes a change to their profile or password.
  • Broadcasts now provide the option to send a copy to yourself. 
  • We updated the name of the interface text tooltips toggle for clarity.
  • User experience has improved when editing an attachments tab in configuration mode. 
  • You can now resend an email invitation to users invited to the platform who did not receive the original email.
  • When choosing a date and time for entry and judging rounds to start or end, you can now type in the date and time in addition to using the date-picker.

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