June 2020

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Release notes

New features 

  • The entry form has a new flag selector and geolocation for the phone field, which prefills the matching country code for entrants. #timesaver
  • Auto-tagging is now available for program managers, allowing you to set up rules on what entries you want tagged and when. #powerfeature


  • You can now create chapters for a season even if it isn’t active (a draft season).
  • You now have two ways of reordering your fields in the entry form:
    • Through the configuration mode of the entry form builder, create and/or move fields and let the system assign your fields a new order number automatically.
    • In the Settings > Fields section, create and move fields around by assigning them an order number manually.
  • In the Score set judging view, there is now a combined status that favours entries that need attention, such as “in progress” or “to be scored”. 

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