June 2021

by | Jul 11, 2021 | Release notes

New features

  • It’s now possible to add users via email invite. Learn how to do it. #simplify 
  • Users can now log in through Google and LinkedIn authentication. 
  • We’ve made it easier to see and edit tooltips within the platform. Go to Settings > Content > Interface text and switch on Display edit interface text tooltips.
  • New endpoints for attachments have been added to the API, which can enable entry attachments to download through the API, among other tasks.
  • We now have a native Zapier and Integromat integration to help connect more work apps to the Award Force platform.


  • When Pay to start an entry option is enabled, entrants are now redirected back to their entry after they have paid for their entry. 
  • When creating judging panels, a new message displays to let users know that only a selection of judges is shown to help in programs with large judging panels.
  • We’ve simplified the error message when an entrant submits an incomplete entry. Errors are now highlighted by tabs and fields.
  • On the category view (Settings > Entries > Categories), the category name column is now sticky, showing even on smaller screens or if the browser width is reduced.  
  • A view-only judging round has been updated to better clarify entries can only be seen and not judged in this mode. 
  • New season functionality has been improved for clarity and ease. 
  • The following accessibility improvements have been made:
    • The user’s profile at the top right has been classified as a button to help screen readers clarify its purpose.
    • The header image link back to the home page on Entries > My entries has been removed for better user experience for keyboard and tab users. 
    • Keyboard focus on the advanced search button and active menu links have been improved for visibility.  
  • All new Award Force accounts now come with a default role for a lead judge. This role has slightly higher permissions than a normal judge, allowing them to see a combined total score from all judges for each entry.
  • To improve usability, the button colours for Review flow have been updated to reflect the traffic light system. The proceed action is green and the stop action is red, helping to avoid any confusion with conflicting theme colours.

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