June 2022

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Release notes


  • There is a new auto-scoring panel that shows a breakdown of any auto-scores on each entry. 
  • Users signing in with SAML for the first time who already exist in Award Force will now be emailed a login code rather than having to remember a password.
  • Multiple improvements were made in line with WCAG accessibility standards:
    • We added expand/collapse states to content block toggles to make it clear to screen readers when there is more content.
    • All entry form and registration/login fields now have the required attribute to indicate to screen readers if they’re compulsory.
    • My Award Force has had a complete accessibility update.
    • The color contrast of placeholder text in fields has been improved.
    • Info icons and the password show/hide icon can now be reached by keyboard tab. 

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