March 2020

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Release notes

New service

  • We’ve launched a new service to help support and facilitate live online judging, with multiple participants, remotely. Learn more here.

New Features

  • Over the last few months, we have been working on an amazing new entry form builder to help make configuration even easier for program managers. The first stage of that release is now complete and you will now have access to “Configuration mode” allowing you to edit your entry form on the fly. It will be live within the next few days, more details to follow soon! Gamechanger!
  • As part of the new entry form builder: tabs will now be highlighted with validation errors to help entrants quickly find fields requiring correction. Timesaver!


  • Editing the user associated with an entry in the “Manage Entries” view has received some updates:
    • A link has been added to the entrant’s name linking to their user profile
    • Within an entry, and on-hover of the entrant name, the text has changed from “Edit user” to “Edit” to make it clear that it’s changing the entrant associated with an entry rather than editing a user profile
  • Entry forms are now automatically saved when the user clicks away from the form 
  • The cart icon is now visible only to users who can submit entries. Judges don’t need to see the cart, making their view more streamlined!
  • The judging tab has been removed from “General Settings”. This tab was redundant with the Judging menu. #simplification
  • You can now personalise the automated message entrants receive when they submit an incomplete entry form. #branding For example:

    Notification flexibility 

  • If you’ve deleted a judge from an entry, the scoring matrix of the entry view will now denote this.
  • Links can now also be provided on the attachments tab

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