May 2021

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Release notes

New features

  • The leaderboard now shows attachment thumbnails for entries, making it easier to distinguish between entries in a list format. 
  • An API update was made to include endpoints for chapters. This means when using the Zapier app, you can now select from a drop-down of available chapters rather than copying and pasting the slug from the platform.
  • You can now set program entry prices based on the value of a field in the entry form. For example, if the entrant specifies they are a member or a student, you can specify a different price for them.


  • We added a warning message that appears when an option for an optional field is deleted. This is to let you know that some entrants may have selected the option you’re about to delete.
  • The following review flow improvements were made:
    • Previously action flow required both a proceed action button and a stop action button (e.g “submit report” and “do not submit report”). Now the stop action button can be hidden and user’s can only see the proceed action button.
    • When users click the stop action button, the fields do not have to be completed to finalise the action. We have now added an option to validate fields on the stop action so all fields must be completed before submission.
    • Review flow notifications have two new merge fields: entrant name and entrant email address.
    • Notifications now must have content in both the email and SMS body to prevent errors from missing content.
  • The following accessibility improvements were made:
    • Update to the flag selector for phone fields to make it compliant with accessibility guidelines.
    • A new black outline around any element in focus for improved keyboard navigation.
  • Payment processing fees can now be added for Alipay and iDeal payment methods.
  • Bulk resubmission is now possible. Previously, resubmission could only be triggered for one entry at a time. Now, resubmission can be triggered for up to 100 entries at once. 

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