November 2020

by | Dec 6, 2020 | Release notes

New features 

  • Categories can now be configured directly within the entry form builder. Every component of the entry form can now be created, edited and deleted from the form itself. #timesaver


  • There is now a “get file endpoint” to the API that returns file information such as size, path, extension, transcoded file links and more. Also supports video playback from videos originally hosted on Award Force.
  • There are new customisable interface text options, including:
    • The “Start entry” button text
    • Password labels 
    • The “Resubmit entry” button text 
  • There is now validation on the “Reply to” email field to ensure program managers only input an email address. 
  • We removed the second register button from the custom registration form when there are no user fields, further enhancing the usability of the registration process.


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