October 2019

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Release notes

New features

  • Following on from the work done on the Top pick judging mode last month, we’ve added two new useful features:
    • Top pick now displays a progress bar detailing how many picks a judge has made and how many are left. Judges can now instantly see their progress through allocated entries. 
    • We’ve introduced a new toggle button to help judges toggle between all entries and their picks. Judges can use the toggle to restrict their view to just the entries they’ve selected. 
  • Public voting has also had an update! Program managers can now choose between masonry and square for layout options on the voting page. Previously the only option was masonry. The square option produces a symmetric grid of images of the same size.
  • There’s a new setting in the score set which allows program managers to set a default number of entries in the judging list view.


  • We made a small change to the eWay payment gateway to simplify the process for entrants. Previously they had to click a Finalise transaction button for the payment to generate an order and submit the user’s entry.  Entrants sometimes missed this last step which created extra work for program managers who had to track down the order manually. This step is no longer required and a successful payment will generate the order and submit the entry.

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